What you need to know


Where to start?


When it comes to choosing a home charger, there's no right or wrong answer. It's purely down to personal preference and what features you feel are aligned to what you're looking for. 

All our chargers are designed to fit all vehicle makes and models.

Things to think about

  • Consider the price

  • Whether to choose tethered or untethered

  • Style and looks of the charger

  • The location it's going in

  • The dimension of the unit

  • Killer features

Tethered or untethered?

One thing you do need to think about is if you want a tethered or untethered charger.

Tethered chargers are more convenient, you drive up, plug in and charge. You are however, restricted by the length of the cable supplied and the cable will be on show at all times on the driveway.

Untethered chargers tend to look tidier on the wall as there are no cables on show, you can purchase cables of any length to your requirements, although they can be pricy if lost or damaged (around £100).